Sunday, August 30, 2015

First Week of School

I had a very busy, great first week back to school! I love my second grade class! They are a wonderful bunch of kids and I feel lucky to be their teacher. We learned a lot of rules and continually went over school rules and class rules, We had fun meeting new friends, doing Read to Self and starting Buddy Reading on Friday, taking brain breaks with Go Noodle, playing at recess, and going to specials.

This is from the first day of school. I had my ki

ds all hold up this sign while I took pictures of them. At the end of the day I gave them these goldfish as a special treat.

Here my kids are finding new friends in our class and doing cooperative learning activities.

Here are my kids dancing to a Koo Koo Kangaroo video on Go Noodle. Those guys are hilarious! They will brighten anyone’s mood while getting some energy out.

Here was some morning work we did one day. I displayed in our class so we could read and learn more about each other.

Here is our schedule for the day:
7:50-8:35 Planning
8:35-8:45 Announcements
8:45-9;00 Morning Work
9:00-9:45 Specials
9:45-10:15 Whole Group Reading
10:15-11:15 Small Group Reading
11:15-11:45 Writing
11:45-12:15 Enrichment
12:21-1:00 Lunch/Recess
1:00-1:30 Whole Group Math *
1:30-2:00 Small Group Math
2:00-2:30 Science
2:30-3:00 Social Studies

Wednesday Math: 1:00-2:00 Early Dismissal Day

I’m getting used to having specials so early in the morning and lunch so late in the day but we are making the schedule work.

Now I’m getting ready for next week our second week in school! We start curriculum in all subjects and I need to start DRA testing my kids. It will be another great week getting to know my students and teaching second grade.

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