Monday, September 5, 2011

Even and Odd Songs

This post is inspired by the Teacher Wife's Even and Odd Street post. She wanted to know if there were any other ways bloggers teach even and odd numbers. Everyday during calendar we decide if our number of the day (how many days we've been in school) is even or odd. I have a couple of cheers to help my students remember even and odd.

2, 4, 6, 8, even numbers are really great! (when we say really great it's a lot like Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes...lots of enthusiasm!)

1, 3, 5, 7, 9 those are the odd numbers on the number line!

They are pretty simple but my students love them, they are easy to remember, and it doesn't take much time.

Hope you are having a fabulous Labor day and enjoying the last bits of summer!

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  1. Jess, this is wonderful! I added it to my blog post! Thanks:)

  2. Thanks so much for adding it to your blog post! That's so sweet of you!

  3. Thanks for your blog on some ideas for introducing even and odd numbers. I am looking for resources for my first year teaching prac. Do you have a particular way you introduce or explain what even and odd numbers are?
    Cheers, Meg.

    1. I don't have a certain way to teach even and odd other than introducing that on a number line you start with even numbers and they can be divided into equal parts and that odd numbers of every other number on the number line and cannot be divided into equal parts. I explain dividing by getting them to pair up with a partner so if we have 4 students each person can pair up with a partner and that would be even if there were only 3 though one person would be left out and it would be an odd number. Hope that makes sense to you! Some other great odd and even resources on on The Teacher Wife blog you can find listed above. Thanks for stopping by.