Thursday, September 22, 2011

School Bag Linky Party

Yes, I know I'm a little tardy to the party. But can you forgive me? I mean with open house, progress reports, and a severe storm that kept me with my little ones for 40 extra minutes at the end of the day it can be hard to find the time!

So without further ado I introduce to you my lovely bags I take to work each day:

The yellow bag and the tan bag our my purses that I switch back and forth with depending on my outfit. I love the yellow purse because the strap makes the purse hands free. 

My lunch bag that I actually got from my sister in law for being in her wedding. It's not actually supposed to be a lunch bag but it has the wipeable inside/outside so that's what I use it for! 
My school bag! I love it because it was free from a Scholastic at a book fair in graduate school, it is large, and easy to fold up if I need to. It's not the prettiest bag but they usually aren't big enough for me. I got a super cute vineyard bag from my brother my first year of teaching but after I starting collecting more stuff (you know what I mean piles up!) I decided I needed a bigger bag.

This is what is inside the bag...ughh kinda of a mess. 
I have folders, scissors, hot glue gun, heat and bond, id and keys for work, DVD from the end of last year, photos of my class, a crayon, a marker, a pen, and a candy cane. Some of the stuff is just random teaching items that happen to just stay in there.

A folder full of laminated items a I need to cute and make into games. I had high ambitions for tonight...don't think that's all happening until the weekend. More folder to make games out of, super cute paper that is pink with lime green polka dots on it, and laminating sheets (thanks to my wonderful parents this year!)One parent got me two laminating packets, color, and black ink it's nice to be in a giving school this year!

Well those our my school bags! Link up with Abby to see other teacher's school bags! 


  1. Hi Jess,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. To put donors choose on the side of your blog, click on "design" at the top of your blog, then click "add a gadget," then click "picture" for the type of gadget. A box will come up where you can upload the image you want (feel free to copy the one I have if you want) and then there is a space for you to add a caption and insert the link for your donors choose teacher page. Hope that works for you!
    Keen on Kindergarten

  2. Gotta love FREE, it is cute too so win win! I am super late to Abby's party, here is my bag

  3. love your teacher bag! can't wait to post mine when I get home!

    I love you blog :)

    ❤ Mor ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure