Friday, September 2, 2011

My Fantastic Friday

Yes, I know it's very late Friday but I just couldn't get it all in before my out of town guests came. So here is a little recap from today!

First of all my Friday was wonderful! One of my little sweeties came in with a big smile on her face and held up a a beautiful drawing for me with Sour Patch Kids too! Aww my favorite! She said it was just so I had a happy Friday! Gotta love sweet, thoughtful parents and students!

In writing we read Click Clack Moo Cows that type to talk about different ways people write. We made a anchor chart of all the ways we could write. Then to get ideas flowing in those ever growing brains I modeled how to make a heart map. I put a section on my family, friends, etc. As I am modeling one my my cuties called out "Ms. B you love us and we're in your heart so you'll put us in their too right?" Of course I had to make a section for school, learning, and reading! They melt my heart sometimes!

As I'm walking around monitoring them making their own heart maps one student said "I'm going to put Ms. B in my heart map. What color eyes does she have again?" Student 2 says "Basil eyes and she like going shipping on the weekend too." I almost burst out with laughter! I corrected student 2 by saying " I have hazel eyes and what is shipping?" I just had to know. Student 1 said "You know you drew a ship in the like to go shipping." Me: "Oh yes, I like to go boating on the weekends not shipping." Oh man my kids crack me up!


We also spent time getting to know our new 4th grade buddies today. This is the sheet we used to get to know our reading buddies. If you don't use reading buddies in your school you should! It is so awesome to have older kids mentor little kids. Both classes really enjoy the experience. It's great to see the older kids take more responsible and take care of the younger kids and it's interesting to see how the younger kids react and look up to the older kids. I'm going to make this into a class book and will read it next time we get together with our reading buddies.

Click here to get the reading buddy sheet! 

Just one more exciting thing about our Friday...WE GOT MAIL! Yes! We got our first letter from our letter exchange. Our letter was from Texas and it was the letter "M". My kids loved it so much! They can't wait to get more mail and see where other letters come from. We mapped Allen, Texas and put our letter M up around our Reading Takes Us Places board.

It's official I LOVE school and my students! Have a fabulous three day weekend! Ahh...can't wait to share something really exciting tomorrow! Check back!


  1. Your kids sound ADORABLE! Mine are older versions of what you have, though things aren't as cute or mushy anymore. (Sniff) I teach fourth grade. However, I did get a picture the 1st or 2nd day of school, a little tiny note that said "Ms. Jasztal ROCKS!", a boy's description of his Dream Class and then #6 or so- "I wouldn't change anything because you are perfect", a girl writing how I changed her "reading life" (or am changing, I guess), and how "If I could be anyone for a day, I would be Ms. Jasztal" writing prompt.

    Well, I guess my 9- and 10-year olds are somewhat mushy gushy too. They also like to hug and affirm, though I feel bad for them that we have had on- and off- cockroach issues. A MASSIVE one came out during my math test yesterday. I'd rather forget that experience. .....

    :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I nominated you as a Top 10 recipient of one of the awesome blogs that make me smile:) Here is the link for that and this link to get your award button Thanks for the inspiration!!

    4th Grade Frolics