Monday, September 26, 2011

Who likes to fish?

Mystery Readers: 

We have our first mystery reader this week. It is going to be our principal! I explained what a mystery reader was and gave out the first clue: "I love to fish!" My kids scrunched up their noses and weren't sure who it could be. 

Later on during our quiet lovely writing time where all my kids are writing, engaged, and focused a boy scout leader comes in to interrupt about a boy scout meeting going on tomorrow night at school. I mean jeez couldn't be my principal walking in when my kids were perfect could it? Noooo it has to be a boy scout guy who wants to get my boy's excited and worked up about boy scouts. he does his whole speech "Who loves to camp? Who loves to make smores? Who loves to fish?" and my one sweet boy who always calls out in excitement yells out "HE'S OUR MYSTERY PERSON! I GOT HIM!" 

Oh my word...I had to laugh out loud I just couldn't hold it back. He looks up innocent as can be and goes "Well he said he liked to fish". He was correct but missed the point of our mystery reader. I re-explained what a mystery reader was and decided it was time to go to recess. I knew there wasn't going to be any writing after the boy scout leader excited them. Oh first grade! You make me smile, laugh, and have fun through the day! 

P.S. I know I'm not supposed to post twice in one day but I thought this was funny and didn't want to wait! 

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