Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Classroom

Welcome to my classroom! I am currently in a "cottage" outside...that's what my principal calls our lovely little portables. Storage space is limited but I love the natural sunlight. These pictures are from the beginning of the year but I'll post some more recent ones soon. 

View from the front of the room to the back. 

My reading strategies board.
The word wall and writing center. The word wall is a whiteboard so I can easily switch out the words. The three green circles to the left are all content area word walls.
Our schedule board when you first walk in the classroom. 

All hands on deck! Our classroom jobs. To the left are file folders that I place word work activities in for each guided reading group. The group name is listed and it is easy for them to grab their color folder. It is easy for me to differentiate their word work this way, keep it organized and put their word work in each morning.
This is where I store all my fabulous word work activities. I love this cart from Lakeshore! It helps our class stay organized with our materials.
Our literacy center sign for rotations. Under each group name and picture I write the students names with a dry eraser marker. That way it is easy to change students around in groups. Under word work their is a focus for each day of the week: spelling, sight words, vocabulary, phonics, and games. I pick all their activities to make sure they are differentiate for each group based on what that group needs to work on.

 This is the corner of my Promethean Board..which I need to take a picture of lol, my beautiful rocking chair my boyfriend picked up for me at an auction, and my calendar. I am thinking about switching over to doing calendar on my smart board...I would love to hear feedback on using it.

My math focus board and one of my computers.
My listening center. I love using pillows to make the room more comfortable.
The next few pictures are of my class library. The books on the wooden bookshelf are all leveled readers. Starting from the top I have guided reading books, science leveled readers, and my personal collection of leveled books. The other bookshelf holds our book boxes and books organized by genre.

My genre poster from of Beth Newingham. If you notice I take a lot from here...she is so inspiring.
These books are all organized by genre.
Our reading takes us places map. We add a push pin when we have read a book from that area. This is also our computer area which has three computers. The object attached to the wall is surround sound auto for my smart board and microphone.

Hope you have enjoyed my little tour of my classroom. If you have any questions please let me know!


  1. I love your classroom!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love the idea of shoveling crayons! :)


  2. Love your classroom!!