Sunday, April 10, 2011

New to Blogging

Hello fellow bloggers! I am brand new to blogging! I recently got into blogging after a friend introduced me to The First Grade Parade. I became extremely addicted to checking blogs every night to see what wonderful new ideas fellow teachers had come up with. I was inspired to create my own blog but since I am currently working on my masters did not feel like I had time until now! I am graduating in on May 7th with my master degree in Reading Education. I'm super excited to the new possibilities of blogging and would appreciate any tips about blogging. 



  1. I'm new to blogging too. Can you let me know what type of reading program is currently a well rounded one? I want to try the Daily 5 but my school might be doing the heavily scripted Success For All. I'm also working on my masters.

  2. I'm new, too! I just started my blog last week after months of "stalking" other teachers' blogs! :)

  3. Lorean I use Daily 5 with a combination of Houghton Mifflin which is what my school wants us to use as our reading program. I like Houghton Mifflin but I feel that the best resources are the ones you create after assessing your students needs. I don't think there is one perfect program. Even if you had to use the heavily scripted Success For All program you could incorporate Daily 5 into your center rotations. Good luck! I'm will be checking out your blog!