Monday, July 25, 2011

Pirate Poetry

One of my goals for this upcoming school year is to consistently do poetry every week in my class.
This is how I plan for poetry in my class:

Monday: Read the poem together with the teacher, enjoy the poetry and place poem in poetry folder
Tuesday: Student read the poem together, highlight any sight words in the poetry folder
Wednesday: Have a few volunteers read the poem
Thursday:  Have students buddy read the poem together
Friday: Have students read to a parent volunteer to earn a extra turn at homeworkoply

I also wanted to get excited about doing a poetry folder so I made this Pirate Poetry cover. Hopefully some of you can use this in your class. Click on the picture to get the cover in google docs.

I am also going to be compiling some poems to use in my poetry notebook. Look for back to school poetry for August and more themed poems for other months!


  1. I love poetry too and we do some but not enough so here are my questions. First do they keep their journals intheir desk or take them home? Are you thinking about doing the great poetry race also?
    And lastly when do you find the time to read the poems in class with all the other stuff we have to get done.

  2. Heidi,

    I am going to have my student's keep their journals in their desk. I am also thinking of keeping it in their book boxes so they can read the poems during read to self but I don't want to get their book boxes too crowded. I know I've heard of the great poetry race but I'm taking one step at a time right know with poetry so maybe I'll save that for another year. I read poems at the beginning of our literacy block right after morning message. I usually have the poems on chart paper or a pocket chart for students to refer to and for us to read off of together. I think it's a good 10 minute activity to start reading together as a class.


  3. Love the cover since I'm doing Pirates this year as my theme! Last year I loved doing poetry and did it everyday. My schedule looked exactly like yours. I made sure it only lasted 10 minutes so we wouldn't be behind and on Fridays they took their folders home and had to get signatures for reading it to someone. Since I'm teaching 2nd this year I'm adding a respose for them to complete.

  4. Love your poetry journal cover. I started doing a poetry folder last year and really liked it! (Although we fizzled out towards the end of the year.) I also send mine home on Friday for the kiddos to share with their parents.