Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm in LOVE with!

First Grade Blue Skies is hosting a What are you in love with? Linky Party to show off bulletin boards and classroom decor.

My classroom theme this year is pirates arggh! What I'm loving right now is:

 * my color scheme of black, red, and some blue
 Teacher Created Resources TCR4665 Red Mini Polka Dots Border Trim
* my bulletin board "Our Treasured Work" which will feature student's work under their treasured chest from Oriental Trading with their pictures inside (I will post once I make it)

 24 Fabulous Foam Pirate Frames

* Denna Jump's pirate ship! I am going to try to recreate a version of this as a welcome sign.


* my word wall from Frogs in First...she has created a bunch of themed word walls that are cute :)

* I went into my class yesterday and here is the small progress that I have decoration just yet but hey it's coming along! Can't wait for the new school year!

I worked on organizing the cabinets and the junk you see at the doorway is being removed by the custodians. 

I have decided on my whole group meeting area and desk placement. 

I clean out all the cubbies you see and put the books in order. 

Back of my room-future home of my fabulous library! 

Organized closet full of curriculum! 

I love school! Join up with First Grade Blue Skies to share your classroom decor and bulletin boards! 


  1. Jess,

    I have pictures of Oriental Trading's treasure chest picture frames on my blog. I used them last year and loved them!!! At the end of the year, I gave them to each of my students. Since I glued the picture frame on a clip to display work, I used the clip to attach a collection of fabulous work I collected from the student as an end of the year gift. Check them out here

    Are you in Florida? Jacksonville?!?! I use Scott Foresman Science, HM Reading, Pearson Math. We use both enVisions and Math Investigations. Crazy...but your curriculum cabinet looks exactly like mine!

    Primary Graffiti

  2. I just came across your super cute blog :)

    My school's theme this year is pirates and I bought those treasure chests from Oriental Trading too and can't wait for the kiddos to make them!

  3. Cheryl,

    Thanks so much for the letting me know about the treasure chests! I am in Orlando, Florida. I guess since we're in Florida we use all the same curriculum. It's great to know someone else in blog world using the same curriculum.


  4. Oh Wow...I'm leaving for Orlando Tomorrow! We are staying in Lake Mary because it's located between all the different places we are planning to visit. My husband is taking me to Epcot, Ikea, and Renningers Antique Market (my favorite place on the planet). If it weren't for aging, I'd love to have a birthday more often (wink)! My school theme will be GLOBAL MISSIONS, so I'm planning on visiting each pavilion at Epcot and taking various pictures at each country.

    Primary Graffiti

  5. Hey there! I couldn't respond back to your comment by email so I came back to your blog :)

    I got the banner at Hobby Lobby for $5! I so want to go back to get another one!

  6. @ Cheryl Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful time visiting all your favorite places and get wonderful ideas for your upcoming school year!

    @Jamie Thanks so much! I went out and bought the banner today!

  7. I love that board!! Thanks for linking up and joining the party! I'm a new follower!
    First Grade Blue SKies