Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Monday...Oh no wait it's Tuesday! I kept thinking it was Monday morning until I looked at my calendar and saw we had library today. Here are some cute things we did today:

MLK anchor chart: 

We did this together as a class after reading Martin's Big Words. My students thoughts just melted my heart! They are so sweet! They just could not believe that segregation would every happen. They interrupted me during the Rosa Park part of the story and said "Wait that's not fair who cares if that man wanted to sit there she was first!" I had to re- explained that she was black and the man was white. The students still thought it was unfair, which it totally is. I also told them that if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. didn't change the way things were they would only be 6 of my students in my class. My kids were shocked. They couldn't believe it! I had many kids from Hispanic background says hey I have lighter skin why wouldn't I be and I had to explain that because they are from a different heritage they would not be going to school either. They would have to go to a different school with only kids from that background. I love my students innocence and they asked some very deep questions. The one that stick out the most was "Dr. King was a peacemaker and nice to everyone but was he still nice to the people that arrested him and bombed his house?" I told my students yes because that is what he stood for peace and love. My students said he was the nicest man they have ever heard of. Aww first graders! 

Moving on we studying contractions today and I made this anchor chart with my students. Tomorrow we are going to make contraction kids like Babbling Abbey. I'm so excited for this activity and have been waiting for this short week to come around so we had the time to do this! (We only have 3 days with the students this week. Friday is a teacher work-day for report cards.) 

Anyways I hope you had a great day back and are enjoying teaching about Dr. Martin Luther King! 


  1. I did Abby's contraction friend activity a couple of weeks ago! The kids loved it! Let me know what your kids think of it! :)

  2. Your students sound wonderful! Out of the mouths of babes, huh? I love that visual you used on your board.

  3. Hi! I like your visual for the contractions. Very happy for you that you get time off on Friday for report cards!