Thursday, January 5, 2012

Party Time! Excellent!

Is anyone thinking of Wayne's World now?? Okay maybe that just me...

I'm totally having a party by myself with my computer right now though! I'm super excited that I now have reached 300 + followers last night! Excellent! I feel like I've reached quite a milestone in my blogging!

Yes, I will have a giveaway but I'm going to wait for probably another week since there are just so many giveaways right now and I know that can get crazy in blog land. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping up and then I'm frantically trying to look at every single blog to make sure I haven't someone won something and I'm not replying. Keep on the look will be a good one!

The best news about today though was that I looked up what lesson I'll be doing for my observation and it is one of my absolute favorites!! Our story that week will be "If You Give A Pig A Pancake" by Laura Numeroff. The comprehension strategy is for the students to understand the difference between realism and fantasy. Now I know I'm going to find a exciting, engaging, super-fun way that makes me look like an awesome, amazing, creative, and thoughtful teacher! So I sigh a little relief tonight knowing that the actually formal observation will be something I'm comfortable and excited about teaching. 


  1. Congrats on your latest milestone! Love your blog!!

    Cara :)
    The First Grade Parade

  2. Yeah on your 300 followers!!! Can't wait to see your giveaway!! Good luck on your observation! You will do amazing!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. I have an observation next week, but mine is in math. I love reading and am a little more passionate about it so we shall see. I always try to make math engaging because I definitely was not engaged during my elementary days in math. Good luck to you! I know you will do GREAT! :)

  4. Congrats! I was definitely thinking Wayne's World Party Time when I read this title in google reader.

  5. I love the If You...series too but we're not quite there yet. Last year, my partner typed up a story template based on these stories where kids filled in blanks and created their own versions. Some of them turned out really cute but we learned we needed to differentiate better and make it easier for our struggling students. Great for teaching cause and effect!