Wednesday, February 8, 2012

100th Day!

Hey friends! So we just had our 100th day on Monday! It was so full of excitement and the kids asked the same crazy questions like they always do..." Do we have school tomorrow? Is this the last day of school? Are we going to second grade now? Do we have another 100 days to go?" Whoa now kiddos slow done we still have school, no this is not your last day...I would be way more pumped and sad all at the same time, you'll know when you are going to 2nd grade-we'll have a party, and thank goodness we don't have 100 more days only 80 wait only 77 now. Oh first graders innocence!

So here are some really fun things we did on the 100th day of school: 

Our awesome 100th day projects! The kids brought a 100 of something in a bottle in a brown paper bag. They had to read 3 clues to the class from their clue sheet and the class had to try to guess what was in the bottle. Then the child revealed the 100 items after 3 or 4 guesses. It was such a fun predicting, oral language, and critical thinking skills acitivity. The children loved sharing their projects and I loved to listen to all their guesses! 

  If I were 100...writing so adorable! Worth clicking on the picture to enlarge and see the writing.


We wrote 100 words on our chart paper throughout the day! This was just the beginning! At the end of the day we read all of the words together. My students LOVED doing this and seeing how smart they have become in 1st grade. 

Of course we made some fruit loops necklaces using 100 fruit loops and our trusty 100's chart. The kids probably loved this activity the most. I mean who doesn't love eating fruit loops off their necklace? Haha I know this drives some teacher nuts but I love this activity.

A parent volunteer who has a cookie business made 100th day cookies for us in our school colors! I put them in the shape of 100 and they got to take one home with them. 

I wish I could show you all the other adorable math games we played, our crowns, and necklaces on but my district has very strict rules about posting pictures of kids and I don't know how to block out their faces. If you know how to do that it would be a great help to me. 

 In other news I just got my Valentine's Day gift from the exchange!!! Thank you Erin from Creating and Teaching! It was such a fabulous gift from a super sweet blogger and I will post it all tomorrow!!


  1. Yay!! I'm so glad you got your gift!! That was so quick! I just put it in the mail on Monday! Way to go postal service! :)

    If you want to block faces I use and put a shape or sunglasses or something over the students face. This is a free website to use, but unfortunately it's shutting down in April. If you have an editing program on your computer (even a basic one) it should have a "smear" or "smudge" option. That can be used across the face too!!

    Creating & Teaching

    1. I love the gifts! Thank you so much! You are very thoughtful. I will try to use a program on my computer (mac) and then if that doesn't work try picnik!

  2. How lovely for your students! I love the bottle and bag idea!

    1. Thanks I got the idea from a Read Write project. I'll have to post my clue sheet and directions so others can use too!

  3. When I want to block out my students' faces, I open the picture in "Paint" and just put a black circle over each face.