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I got tagged by Kelley-Buggy for 2nd Grade and Stapler’s Strategies! I have finally decided to play along tonight so here it goes!

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
4. Tag 12 people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them!

12 Fun Facts about me...

1.  I just got engaged! Yes, I still so excited about it so it is number 1. We have dated for 5 years and are so in love! I can’t wait to see what our life has in store for us.
2.   We are buying the house we live in! Hopefully we will be closing by the end of the month.
3.  My brother is in the Navy and him and his wife will be moving to Hawaii soon! Aloha! I can’t wait to visit!
4.  Speaking of my brother we are very close (2 years apart and one grade) and when we graduated undergrad together we went backpacking in Europe just the two of us. It was such a great experience before we both moved on to adult life.
5.  I was in a sorority in college-Delta Delta Delta can I help ya help ya help ya? Lol I hope you’ve seen the SNL skit. I loved the experience and lived in the house for 3 years in college. This is how I met my fiancé.
6.  I have a love/hate relationship with the gym. I really hate to get ready and go and if I don’t change when I first get home from school I’m most likely not going. I love doing classes at the gym though and always feel great after. My fiancé and friends have been so encouraging though so I usually go 5 times a week.
7.  I LOVE to travel and can’t wait to plan the honeymoon. I know I’m a little ahead of myself but we are thinking Greece! I’ve never been there and have really wanted to go for years now!
8.  I have never had a dog as a pet. Growing up my parents were working and we were such a busy family my parents thought it would be unfair to the dog to have one. Now they have a little maltipoo who is adorable and I have been begging for a dog of my own. Now that we are about to own our house all my dreams might just come true!
9.   My BFF and soon to be MOH is a medical student who is finishing her last year. She is a super smart and fun person to be around! When I got engaged she was the first friend I called and she didn’t pick up. I tried like 8 more times (over zealous much?) and she still didn’t pick up. I got worried and text her BF we couldn’t get in touch with her is she okay? To which he replied I hope so she is in South America right now! I totally forgot which day she was going on a mission trip for 2 weeks! I thought it was Monday and she left on Friday! I had to e-mail her the wonderful news and she is such a great friend that she called me from the middle of nowhere to talk to me!
10.               My parents were born on the same day, the same year, in the same hospital. February 7th! They met in the nursery. They didn’t start dating until after college and my grandmother said it was meant to be from the start. My mom jokes every birthday that she likes older men because my Dad was 30 minutes older than her.
11.               I recently finished grad school and had a 4.0 throughout. I thought at graduation I would get some sort of recognition but since there weren’t’ that many people in Education gradating and everyone has to get a C or better in grad school they don’t recognize anyone.
12.               I have had to move my classroom every single year of teaching (4 years) and I have already been told I’ll have to move again next year. The move next year will be to a better room with a window so I’m okay with it but I would love to stay in the same room for at least 2 years!

Questions from Mrs. S

1. How did you decide to become a teacher? I decided to become a teacher after being a comp counselor for my overnight camp. I loved teaching my little campers the ways of camp, teaching horseback riding, and having fun around kids! In high school I started volunteering in a Kindergarten class and I was hooked. I knew I wanted to teach early childhood when I entered into college. I don’t know what else I would possibly do other than teaching. I wouldn’t make a good housewife…I don’t cook hmmm full time mom without cooking I could do though.

2. Did you marry your high school sweetheart? Nope I am going to marry my college sweetheart. If I married my high school sweetheart I would probably be divorce and already had a kid. Things worked out for the best.

3. Where would you choose to retire and why? Florida for sure! I was born here and I will stay here for the rest of my life. I love the “Florida lifestyle” of sunny weather, beaches, and being laid back. Plus there are a ton of older people that flock here every year for winter so my thought process is why not just stay! J

4. What is your favorite cook-at-home meal? Well since I don’t cook…I’ll go with what my finace’s favorite cook at home meal which homemade pizza! YUM!

5. Do you have a teacher "bestie" with whom you plan? Tell about him/her if so. No, I don’t. I have only had one teacher bestie at another school and we still keep in touch but we don’t plan together. I love all the teachers I work with but I would not go as far as besties. We get along well, laugh, and plan together though and I think that’s the best situation.

6. What is your pet peeve? Laziness. I used to have this roommate that would wash out dishes and then leave them in the sink. Why?! Why did you not take the extra 5 seconds to just put it in the dishwasher! I hate dishes in the sink.

7. Does your team share everything or do you have some "stingy" teamies? Everyone shares! Thank goodness! I think it is so nice that everyone shares and we all equally share which is great! I scratch your back you scratch mine.

8. What is one of the funniest stories you can tell about your teaching experiences? Oh my…I don’t think I can think of one this late in the evening. But I’ll tell you the latest…one of my little girls complimented me on my engagement ring and said “Soo your ring fake but it just looks real..I have jewelry like that too.” “No sweetie it is real.” Huge eyes “Wow, I like that it’s big.” They start pretty young with this lol. Then she says” You look so snazzy. That’s what my Dad says to my Mom before they go out on a date.” This is with full on snaps of the fingers. This child is hilarious on a daily basis.

9. Have you ever run into your garage door? (I personally--not my car--did this last week one morning before school and slammed myself to the ground...OUCH!) Wow how is this one of my questions. Yes, I have with my car twice on two different garages. The first time I was in high school and trying to have a party and park inside the garage. I was (still am) a horrible driver and hit the side of the garage taking off part of the side and smashing in my passage mirror. I got in a lot of trouble for that one. The second time I’m not sure what I was doing…but I hit the brick siding on the garage. The garage was the winner that time and my car still has a rust like stain on the front.

10. Do you have pets? What kind and how many? No, I want a puppy sooo bad!

11. Are you an early bird or a night owl? Early bird for sure! I hop of bed and I’m ready to go but at night my eyes can’t stay open.

12. Where is the most exotic place you've ever been?
Hmm this is actually a tough one. When I think of exotic I think of tropical for some reason so perhaps Costa Rica. I also think of somewhere not very common and in that case Iceland, which is actually very green and lush.
Questions from Kelley:
1. What is your favorite T.V show? True Blood or Breaking Bad
2. Do you have any hobbies? I play the piano.
3. What was your New Years Resolution? To stay fit!
4. Are you a dog or cat person? Dog
5. What is one color that describes you? pink
6. What type of music is playing in your car right now? Well I still have a tape player and a regular radio so what ever is on the top 40.
7. Favorite subject or unit to teach? reading
8. How many siblings do you have? 1 brother
9. How did you husband propose to you? See proposal story Cloud 9- it just happened!
10. What is your favorite drink? Lemonade
11. What is your go-to blog or website for teaching? Google reader…well the first blog I ever stalked was The First Grade Parade so I’ll go with that.
12. What is your favorite guilty pleasure? Blogging!

Okay and now I’m going to break some rules…uh oh…that’s not teacher like. Well I’m walking on the wild side and I’m not tagging 12 other people or making up 12 more questions because I’m pretty sure almost everyone has been tagged so if you want to play along just do so and I’m soo sleepy.

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