Sunday, February 12, 2012

Up-cycling {CFC Project Week #6}

So up-cycling is really just recycling again but I like the word. It sounds like a new thing. I tried to explain this to fiancé and he laughed "It's just recycled and repurposed something." Yes yes, but it made me feel good! This summer I started to collect washed out tomato cans (we eat spaghetti every Sunday-it's a family tradition!) so I got a lot of cans. Now originally I had no clue why I was saving these but knew I wanted to use them for my classroom. Well I got inspired after looking at some blogs and Pinterest. I stuck cute labels on them and used them to hold various classroom items. 

So here is my contribution to recycling for classroom use:

I just posted this one picture that had a few different size cans for paintbrushes, straws, popsicle sticks, and hot glue sticks. I didn't think you would want to see a whole bunch of cans lined up so I thought this picture would capture the use. 

I hope to find some other cool ideas in this link up!


  1. Thanks for posting! I also find the word fun and I would love a "sketti on Sunday" tradition. Yum!

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  2. Looks great! Did you do anything special to the cans so the edges weren't too sharp?
    Teaching With Style

    1. Actually the edges to these kind of tomato cans are not sharp at all so I did not do anything to them. I just made sure the cans were super clean and dry then applied to the labels with hot glue to them. Thanks for stopping by!