Monday, February 6, 2012

Storage {CFC Project Week #5}

I might be slightly behind (tardy to the party! it's okay I'm fashionable late) on my clutter-freeness right now but I wanted to share with you my favorite storage options for the classroom, why I love them, and what I use them for in a to the point way using visually as well! Enjoy and link up girls!

Math Storage Container:

-organized monthly
-stores math games
-easy for kids to use
-easy to move around (has wheels)

Word Work Cart:

-roomy enough for games and larger materials
-tons of pockets for markers
-bins that hold materials
-easy access for my students
-can easily be moved (has wheels)
-holds a pocket chart

Book Bins:

-hold many books
-easy for kids to take off the shelf
-pocket for labels

Container Store Shoe Boxes:

-hold small items
-can neatly be stacked
-easy to see materials

File Folder Pocket Chart
-easy to switch materials out of
-easy for my kids to use
-easy to keep organized weekly

Monday-Friday Paper Holders
-keeps papers organized weekly
-easy to see what is coming up
-holds papers and books for each day 
-easy for a sub to use (place all books/materials in that day) 


  1. Great organization! Have a good Tuesday!! Have you guys set a date?

    1. Thank you! OMgoodnes no we haven't set a date yet and it is driving me nuts! We are looking at several venues and haven't nailed down the perfect one yet. We are looking at 2013 dates: March 23 (my spring break) or June 15 when I'm out of school. I can't believe it but some places are already booked solid in the month of March!

  2. I am waaayyy late too on this project. Love your storage especially the math center one. Thanks you sharing!

    Apples and Papers

  3. It's never too late to join the party! The math storage is the best! It goes on sale sometimes on so check it out!