Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pink Pink Pink!

Today was a whirlwind day of everything PINK! We had our first field trip today to see the play Pinkalious and we had a wonderful time. My kids were so excited in the morning to pass out their valentines and that we were going on a field trip-what a special day in first grade! I had 5 chaperones-yes, a bit excessive I know but parents love to volunteer at my school. I was happy to have them though because they are all great moms who volunteer regularly and know my kids. I think that is super important on a field trip. 
Speaking of volunteers...I had a parent try to sneak on the field trip. No I'm not lying, I'm actually serious. I had previously told this mom that she could not go because I pick chaperones on who turns in their forms and money in first. Well I had 5 chaperones who did that on the first day and they were my chaperones. The other people I had to turn down and say maybe next field trip. This mom was one of the people I had to turn down like number 10 but she still showed up ready for go on the field trip!! She came in my room backpack and all, gave her son his lunch and valentines, and then proceeded to chat with the other moms. I had no idea what I was going to say to her! She came to talk to me and I told her you are not on my approved chaperone list and you cannot go on the field trip. She tried to blame in on her son saying he did not turn in the forms. I told her it wouldn't have matter though because she didn't turn it in the first day. She left slightly put off but I think she was just trying to see what she could get away with if she just showed up. Has this every happened to anyone else??

The field trip day was as perfect as it could be though. Everyone loved the play and behaved. We had a nice picnic under oak trees on blankets in the grass. The kids got to run around when they were done with lunch. We took a lot of pictures and had fun! When we got back to school we watched Charlie Brown Valentine's Day and had ice cream from a wonderful chaperone. After the movie the kids went to P.E. and then our day was done. It was one of the best Valentine's I have ever had at school. 

Here are all my lovely gifts my precious little ones gave me. 

I feel so loved! :) It's wonderful having 18 little valentines!

The most adorable valentine box: 

My valentines to them: 

The valentines they made their parents: 

Can you tell I love Pinterest from my pictures?!

I also finally made the crayon hearts. It was actually very easy to do! I heated the oven to 250 and melted the crayons for 10 minutes. Then I placed the melted crayons in the freezer for 15 minutes. Viola! I peeled the hearts out of the mold and had crayons! I highly recommend doing this because it is so easy, fairly quick to do, your students will love them, and you already have most of the materials. 

I found this mold in the dollar spot at Target. 

I know this post is getting long but I had to share this funny with you. One of my students (a ESOL student) asked me what you call someone when they are engaged boyfriend or husband? I told her you call them a fiancé. To which she exclaimed "You have a BEYONCE!" I am dying laughing and so is most of my class telling her "No, Beyonce is a singer I'm pretty sure she said fiancé." Gosh, I love my first graders! I now refer to my fiancé jokingly as Beyonce. 

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. oooh, I hate the sneaky field trip parent! We have them almost every time. Then they got wise and say "I'll just show up at the zoo/park/aquarium, etc. And there's nothing we can do, if they pay to get in we can't stop them. And how do you tell them or their child they can't be near each other when they're there. Very annoying and disrespectful.

    1. Yes it is disrespectful and awkward! This parent could not just show up because the show was completely sold out. She didn't try to go without us which was a relief. Note to parents: You cannot go on every field trip with your child!! Other parents want to go too! Glad I'm not alone on this one!

  2. When I was an aide last year, we had a sneaky field trip parent! She was standing around the room just like yours, and when the classroom teacher told her she couldn't come with, she did the same thing that Steph mentioned up there - she just followed the bus to the zoo and paid the admission price. Then she awkwardly wandered around with my group since I had her kid. Geez louise!!!

    And I love love love your Beyonce story!! Haha!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

    1. That is so awkward! Why would you even want to do that? Like you know your the unwanted parent...I just don't get it. I'm glad I am not the only one to experience this!

      On another note-this student cracks me up daily! When I first got engaged and was dressed nicely for a meeting she said " You look so snazzy! That's what my mom calls my date when they go out on dates! I just love your sparkly ring" As she snaps her fingers. Oh my word I just wish I could record her voice and show everyone pictures of this child! She is a total hoot! :)