Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bittersweet Endings

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened! Dr. Seuss 

I had a bittersweet ending with my 17 first graders kids today. We were all sad to move on and my favorite quote was "Why did anyone invent the last day of school? It's awful! School should go on forever!". I just love their innocence.

I had to move all my things out of my classroom today. (I'm moving to a new school.)  Boy, do I have a lot of stuff and I even got rid of things! I am reading Clutter Free Classroom great tips to stay organized. Which gets me started thinking about next year and what theme I'm going to have in my room. This year I had a nautical theme and in previous years I have done safari/jungle. Next year I'm thinking Hollywood, sports, american, or just sticking with nautical and improving.

Thinking about space and my new room I started to think I might need to read a book on this. Does every teacher think like this? So I decided to get Debbie Diller's book Spaces and Places while I was looking decided to get CAFE by the 2 sisters I have been using CAFE with help from their wonderful website but I want my own copy of the book!

What will your theme be next year? What is on your summer list?

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  1. I plan on implementing CAFE and the Daily 5 (well probably Daily 2 or 3) in my 6th grade room next year. The books that I am planning on reading this summer are: Reciprocal Teaching at Work, Day to Day Assessment in the Reading Workshop, Making the Most of Small Groups, and Modifying the Four Blocks for Upper Grades! OMG! I better get reading! Congrats on your new job! :)