Monday, June 13, 2011

Bulletin Board Linky Party

I'm linking up for yet another party! I just love the summer time! Hope you enjoy my bulletin boards! They aren't as fancy as some teachers but I like to make them all meaningful to the students and interactive. Go link up with Teaching Happily Every After to join the fun!

Here are some bulletin boards in my classroom:

This is my decoding reading strategy board. The beanie baby bulletin board came from Angela Bunyi at Scholastic Top Teaching

This was my word wall at the beginning of the year. I did like how I could wipe off retired words and write in new ones but after reading Debbie Diller's Spaces and Places I have new ideas. Next year I will put it low to the ground so my little ones can take the words off if needed. I will also have a file folder with retired words in case some students still need to use them. I am also going to use smaller letters that are less distracting so the sight words pop.

This is my classroom jobs chart. My theme is nautical so it says "All Hands On Deck!" The puzzle you see around it the students made at the beginning of the year showing how they can be helpful in the classroom. I have a job for each student.

This is the Sailor of the Week board. This is like a student of the week board. This was my week at the beginning of the school year. The kids make this board look so much better! :)

You can't see the sign because of the glare but it says "Reading Takes Us Places!" I used this board with the students to track our read alouds around the USA. This helped my students to make connects with the USA and where we live in relation as well as pin point Social Studies books we read. The students loved to put a push pin in a new location. I got this idea from the wonderful Beth Newingham at Scholastic Top Teaching.

I wish I had thought to take a picture of the vowel wall after we had finished it but I did not. I put up each word family under the vowel it corresponds with just to help my students make connections with word families.
My library is organized by genres so I put this up in the library to help my students put books back correctly. These genre posters also come from Beth Newingham.

I know this is kinda hard to see but this was my CAFE board for the year. It is pretty small but so was my portable this year. Next year I will make this board bigger and better! The sticky notes you see attached are my students goals. The posters below are animals that go with each strategy : comprehension, accuracy, fluency, expanding vocabulary.

Some of my math focus boards. I change it up each unit. 

This isn't really a bulletin board it's a poster but I want to make it a bulletin board next year. I want to staple Solo cups to a board and have a bucket filling pledge with an area to get bucket filling forms. 

Reader's Choice board is where students get to vote on read alouds in class. They get to move their picture to the yes or no column depending on whether they liked the book. I like that this gives them choice and gets them involved in read alouds. Another idea from Beth Newingham.

This is the coveted star student board! My students love to get their work recognized on our star board. There is a column for writing, science, math, and reading. Students get to show off their work on the board and feel proud of their accomplishments. I pick who goes on the board and usually the students are really proud of one another and give each other high fives. I try and rotate who is on their to celebrate everyones success in the classroom. Another idea from Beth Newingham.

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