Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reader's Notebook

I am totally revamping my Reader's Notebook for my first graders this year. I have been using CAFE strategies and the Beanie Baby Strategies with my students. This past year I put the two together and with the help of two wonderful colleagues we made some other strategies that coincide with CAFE and fun animals that help students remember the strategies. We thought this was a wonderful idea...please let me know what you think. I love to here feedback and comments.

The first page of the notebook is the CAFE menu where students will write down the strategies they are working on. I will have the students write down their strategies in different colors. Such as Comprehension-red Accuracy-blue Fluency-green Expanding Vocabulary- orange.


The second page is a reading log that I got online. I like this because it gives information about the book and the AR score on the book. It also has children rate their feelings about the book.

Reading Log

The third page in the notebook is the comprehension strategies. I did not come up with these strategies but found them online here.


The fourth page of the notebook is the accuracy strategies. I also did not come up with these but found them from Angela Buyni here.


The fifth page is fluency strategies which my lovely co-worker came up with. Go Ms. C! She made these because we thought the students could use these guiding questions to help them build their fluency.


The sixth page of the notebook is from Mrs. Randall's blog. This is her fluency notebook and I just added it into the notebook after the fluency strategies. The notebook will only have pages 5-8 in it.
Fluency Pages

The seventh page of the notebook is vocabulary strategies which another co-worker came up with. Go Mrs. J!


The last page is a word wall for helping students expanding their vocabulary. This is so students can write interesting words they find in their reading and to work on their spelling of these words as well. It's a mini personal word wall they can reference.

Expanding Vocabulary

I hope that you find this useful. If you have any questions or problems downloading please let me know!


  1. I can't wait to start CAFE fresh next year! Miss you already neighbor! :)

  2. Thought you would like the little shout out there! :) Miss you already too! I want to see classroom pictures when you get back to school!

  3. I was like "Yay! I'm on a blog" haha. :)

  4. Very cute, thanks for sharing!

  5. I found this post searching for reader's notebook in first grade! I'm your newest follower!