Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Teacher Shopaholic

I admitted….I LOVE TO SHOP! Especially for classroom items, books, organization, and cute stuff like stickers. These are my favorite places to shop…check them out! Go over to Ladybug Teacher Files to see other great teachers finds! 

Top 5 Favorite Places to Shop:
1.    Amazon.com: This is my number go to place because they have pretty much everything I could ever need and I get free two day shipping. I get the free two-day shipping because I’m a student (grad school). If you are a student sign up for Amazon Prime. Some of my latest goodies from here are a pirate rug, anchor hooks, ink, wall decals, etc. I love getting packages in the mail…it’s like Christmas to me!

2.  Abe Books.com : If you haven’t heard of Abe books you need to seriously go there right now. I haven’t found books for cheaper anywhere on the web. Now it does cost to ship so you want to find books from the same seller and preferably in your state. I happen to be very close to an excellent seller. I find amazing deals on books; many which are hard back, or even from old libraries. You can find really good deals on most children's literature.

3.  Dollar store: Who doesn’t love hitting up the dollar store? I can always find something to buy even if I haven’t a clue how I’ll use it yet. They have an awesome section in my dollar store that has teacher stuff. Stickers, stamps, cute paper, oh my I can just go crazy in there! I justify all my purchases by thinking in my head…”It’s only a dollar!” 60 items later…I’m hiding stuff in my trunk.

4.  Target dollar spot: Now I don’t always get lucky here but when I do I feel like I’ve hit the gold mine! There are so many cute things you can pick up. I found these great little pots with ribbons to hold supplies on my desk. I love the way they brighten up my desk and are useful! 

5.  Lakeshore: I love love love Lakeshore Learning! I could/do spend hours in this store and online. I only buy when there are deals running though. I set up a wish list online and get on their mailing list. They send me coupons in the mail for back to school and e-mails for online specials. They have sales running for 20% items all the time. Those e-mails get me a lot! I have a ton of stuff from Lakeshore but one of my favorite items is the All Purpose Teaching Cart. It fits most of my word work activities and is mobile.

Keep checking back on my blog! I will be doing more damage as the summer goes on…in fact I think the Dollar Store and Target are in my plans for tomorrow.

Happy shopping! J


  1. Amazon..oh I love thee too! I actually signed up for their credit card and get points to get gc's for more Stuff....

    Sadly being a shopaholic...the only one I can say on your list I don't shop at is Lakeshore...but give me time :)

  2. Hey Jess! I don't think I've heard of Abe books, thanks for the info. and THANKS for linking up!! :)

  3. Can you explain how you get amazon prime as a grad student?? I got my prime account before I went back to school but would LOVE not to have to pay for it if I can get it free as a grad student.

    Karen @a little kinder told me so

  4. Karen, if you your account and look under setting and you should see Amazon Student Membership. Type in your school e-mail and then you'll have the Prime 2 day shipping. Hope this helps you out! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. I had no idea you could get a discount at amazon for being a student!! Thanks for sharing that! I'll have to check it out!!