Friday, June 17, 2011

The Little Things in Life-Friday

It's Friday.

1.   The last movie I saw was       Lost in Translation- pretty good since there is a thunderstorm right now   .

2.  I want to    mint chocolate chip ice cream  .

3.  Surprises are     fun if you don't expect them, but if you know they're coming, they're terrible (totally agree with you on this one!)

4.  The best accessory is  a smile...cheesy I know but confident exudes beauty. Other than that I love purses and shoes.

5.  My favorite warm drink is     hot chocolate...I LOVE chocolate  .

6.  My favorite cold drink is wine hehe or gatorade.

7.  Currently loving       summer! I'm going on a trip to Costa Rica in 18 days and can't wait. Summer brings joy, happiness and a renewing feeling for me. I just love relaxing and enjoying life!

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