Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wish List

I just love wish lists! I have a wish list at Lakeshore, Amazon, and Really Good stuff. Listed below is my dream wish list. Hey, a girl can dream right?! If you want to see other teachers wish list join Really Rompers: My Wish List Linky Party.

1. Non-fiction Leveled Classroom Library
I would love more non-fiction books that are just right level for my students. 
Nonfiction Leveled Books Classroom Library
2. All-Purpose Mobile Teaching Easel
All-Purpose Mobile Teaching Easel - ElementaryAs of a few days ago when I went to my classroom, I did not have an easel. Now it may be hiding somewhere but I would love this one! I love how one side is blank and the other side has lines for writing. I also like the baskets at the bottom this would keep me organized while doing mini-lessons. This easel also serves as a pocket chart holder. 
3. Promethean Board 
When I moved schools I lost this bad boy. I loved having a Promethean Board and now that I don’t have one in my new classroom my teaching is going to have to change a little.

4. iPads
As long as I’m dreaming…I would love to have 2 iPads in the classroom. The students could use them for word work activities, listening to reading, and things I probably don’t even know about.

5. Accents for my room: I have a nautical theme and I love having pillows and accents like these hooks that make the children feel comfortable and at home.
Product Image Product Image
6. More storage options from Really Good Stuff!

Classroom Paper Baskets - Neon Colors (Set 3)

Now hopefully I’ll get a few of these items that are on my wish list!


  1. I have that easel and I love it! I can't even explain how much I use it. I like that it is on wheels. I can teach a lesson on the carpet and then have students go to their seats to complete an assignment.I can then turn the easel for them to see writing we did as a class or words they may need to see to complete their work.

  2. Oooh your explanation of how you use it makes me want it even more! Hopefully my school will have some sort of easel for me but this is my dream one! Thanks for commenting!

  3. I think ipads are a great one...wouldn't it be nice?? :-) The nautical idea is adorable, would love to see your classroom.

  4. Yes, ipads would be so great!! We can dream! Thanks for stopping by...if you would like to see what my class looked like last year check out the classroom label on the right. Also keep checking back in July and August...I'll be updating pictures of my classroom makeover.