Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day Back and a Freebie

It was my first work day at school! The whole staff was very welcoming, we got cute bags and new school shirts, and a delicious breakfast! It was a great start to a long day! So after all of the meetings, I got to work in my classroom. I got my class list today and have 17 little ones to get ready for! Here are some of more exciting things that I got done today.

I changed up my strategies board to how is was last year. I was just not feeling the other smaller ones I was trying to use. I used hot glue to get my beanie babies to stay up on the cabinets.

I also made my reading banner today. Just laminate your favorite book covers and hot glue to some cute ribbon. I got the idea from Forth Grade Frolics. Everyone who came in my room complimented me on it and I think it looks really nice! It's simple and it shows off great literature.
Close up shot: sorry for the glare! 

As I was walking out today at 6:00...yes I know so late...I saw this little gem! I thought all of those froggy teacher would really love this! It shows where her class is during the day.

Here is my freebie for the day-lunch options. I have each student place their popsicle stick in a bucket to let me know if they are ordering hot or cold lunch or brought a lunchbox. On the board I will post a school menu. Hope some of you can use these lunch options! Just click on the picture and it will link you to goggle docs.

I sent my team Deanna Jump's Common Core packet to look over because we all have to have the same thing and they loved it so we are running it by our reading coach and principal now. Turns out one of my team members actually used to work with Deanna! Crazy! Deanna was her mentor and on her team! I just could not believe it since I majorly stalk her blog!

P.S. If anyone knows how to put their donor's choose project on their blog please let me know!

Thanks! Hope your first day back was as eventful and enjoyable as mine!


  1. Hey girl! Love your book cover banner:) Thanks for giving me the credit for where you saw it...that's super sweet:) Some people don't do that so I appreciate it:))

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Thanks ladies! Tara it was such a great idea and I give credit where credit is due:) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I LOVE how you used the animals to go with your strategies! I used to use those same ones when I taught second grade, but the animals add such a fun touch to yours. Your room looks adorable!

  4. I love the book banner as well! I am always looking for things to do with those covers that come off the hard cover books. Thanks for sharing, and I love your blog!