Monday, August 29, 2011

Work on Writing

I am falling more in love with my class each day. Every time I ask them to do something new they rise to the occasion and exceeds my expectations. They are just so great...I hope this honeymoon period does NOT end! This week we started Work on Writing and they jumped right into it. I explained that was just like Read to Self time expect for writing.

Day 1: I introduced Work on Writing and we made our anchor chart. We talked about what it looked like, sounded like, and how we would try to build stamina. I taught them to underline words they weren't sure they spelling correctly and to phonemically spell their words out. I modeled for them so they understood. I have them a topic so they wouldn't spend time thinking about it when I wanted them writing. The topic was "What I did this weekend". The student's took off with their writing and wrote for 3 minutes. I stopped them even though they were still writing because some people started to whisper to each other and I wanted them to know no talking was aloud during Work on Writing. My students were excited exclaiming " I wrote 3 sentences!" and "Wait, I need to put a period or I'm not finished!" Those words are like music to my ears. I had my student sit at their desks for the first day so they can just get used to writing. I'm just impressed that they are listening to my directions and trying their best. :)

BTW I love blogging because it is a wonderful reflection on my day's events. I hope you enjoying reading as much as I do writing.


  1. Well I enjoy reading. =) The kids always surprise me at what they do when I ask them.

  2. I am launching Work on Writing tomorrow. I hope t goes as well as yours did! I am your newest follower. :)
    Fun in 1st Grade