Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Updated Classroom

I have been working in my classroom the past few days and finally have everything moved in, which is wonderful! I have just started to put up things and getting organized. Here are a few pictures of my new room: 

My super cute pirate calendar! My calendar is magnetic and I placed on the back of my desk this year.
I have all the genre posters on my cabinets. This year I'm going to put the books we've read next to poster. 
On the left side there are accuracy strategies and the right side there are comprehension strategies. Underneath there are short and long vowel posters. This is right behind my guided reading table. 

My FACE/CAFE board. After taking this picture I notice it was crooked and fixed it....just didn't take a picture but you get the idea. I still need to put The Face of a Reader at the top of it. Then after the first day I will put up my students pictures with them holding up a book.

I got the idea to hang the buckets like this on Pinterest which I'm totally obsessed with now! I think it's a very cute idea so we'll see how it works out. It might be a little high for kids to right but I'm putting a stool right next to it to give them a boost. 

I'm not in love with this board just yet so I might be changing it around a bit. It says "All Hands on Deck" and is for my class family jobs. Next to the job chart is my classroom rules on a ribbon. I really like the placement and how this turned out. 

This is a view from my door. I started on this side of the room but clearly have not finished it. The shapes are at the top and below that is going to be my math board. Then I have my US map up and may put up a world map too. Then I'm going to put "Reading Takes Us Places" and we're going to list and mark on the map what books took us places on the map. As you can see the desk are together and there is still a big mess in the room. 

This is my homeworkopoly board-obviously not done! I need to reconfigure it to fit the bulletin board. My ideas are either a. put a boarder around and make the board game pieces fit closer together on the board so it all comes together or b. just print off more pieces to make the board games pieces a bit longer. Thoughts? P.S. Although I love how bulletin boards look when they are done I do not like doing it. It takes me forever to do them and I try to be a perfectionist (which I never am), get frusterated, possibly walk away for awhile, and then end up just settling for good enough. (Sorry for the rant!) 

Anyways I'm very excited about the new school year starting! Only 18 more days! Yes, 18! I've had a wonderful summer and I feel like it's time to get back into the school groove. I'm meeting my new team tomorrow and taking more pictures of a hopefully more put together room! 


  1. Looks awesome so far!!! Can't wait to see the next pics:))

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Where did you get your pirate graphics from?? I purchased some from Lettering Delights but I don't really like them. Also, I love your Pirate numbers and your classroom rules, they are super cute!!! I am doing a pirate theme this year and would love to add them to my classroom. Do you have a tpt store that I could purchase them from??


  3. Wow, your room is SO beautiful! Though I don't follow primary teachers as much, I love these pictures and blog. I am now following you!


  4. LOVE the buckets!! I had to "pin" them!! :-) Thanks for sharing your pics!!

  5. Thank you so much for the kind words ladies! I really appreciate the feedback!

    I got my pirate graphics from Thistle Girl Designs. I actually got most of the stuff from other excellent bloggers. The pirate numbers are from Clutter Free Classroom Pirate theme packet. The pirate rules and other numbers are from Made for 1st grade blog. If you like the CAFE/FACE headers look under my previous post it's the first one listed. Other excellent pirate resources can be found at Denna Jump's blog and Kinderglynn. I would link all of this for you but don't know how to in a comment. Hope this helps you out!

  6. Your classroom looks GREAT! I love that your calendar is magnetic....very convenient :) I also really like how your rules turned out on that ribbon, very cute!

  7. Your room looks great! Love the pirate calendar and all your genres :) I made a genre board too!

  8. Your room looks great! So inviting... I am going to work in my room tomorrow. I went today and took pics.... take a look on my blog. I have a lot of work to do!

  9. I love all the pics! We don't start until the 17th but I still have a TON to do. BTW, love the bucket filler signs...especially because I made them :o) I'm glad you are using the bucket filling...your kids will love it.
    Peace, Mel D
    Oh the Places We’ll Go

  10. Your classroom is looking great! Thanks for sharing how you display your buckets...I've been searching for a way to do this! Thank God for Pinterest, right? I've become horribly addicted this summer! :)
    A Pirates Life for Us

  11. Thanks so much everyone! I love reading all your comments they encourage me in my decorating!

    Mel D you just inspire the craftiness in me-all your stuff is so beautiful and has a purpose! I know my kids are going to love bucket filling even more this year with my beautiful signs, buckets, and classroom bucket! :)

    Sister teachers thanks for pinning this this! Gotta love Pinterest!

  12. Your "rant" was too funny- I ALWAYS end up going with just good enough! I finally fixed my homeworkopoly board YESTERDAY after an entire year of the top part being UPSIDE DOWN! :)


  13. Jess,
    Your classroom looks fantastic! :) yay!!!
    Hey I decided to turn my top ten list into a linky party and I pretty much don't know what I am doing. Can you try to join my linky party and help me see if it works? I also made a button grabber so you can use it for linking. I am not sure it any of it will work.
    Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

  14. Your room is looking so good! I love the "Reading Takes you Places" idea, such a good way to work some social studies in there.

  15. Your room is looking great! I like how you put the classroom rules on a ribbon!
    First Grade Garden

  16. I LOVE that idea for your buckets!!! GENIUS! I have been all over looking for cheapo plastic shoe holders and I can't find any at all! This will work wonderfully in my room. Thanks!!!

    Plus, I was thinking the same thing as you (from Cara Carroll's blog about meeting up with other Florida bloggers.) I'm sure there are plenty of us Florida girls out there!

  17. Your pirate theme is absolutely adorable!! Do you remember where you got the monopoly theme idea? I could use some more information on that?

  18. Thanks Ashley! I actually got the homworkpoly idea from Ladybug Teacher Files she has an entire post about it!