Monday, August 8, 2011

Pete the Parrot

My classroom mascot this year is Pete the Parrot. I was inspired by Erica Bohrer's Mr. Moo and wanted to create my own mascot and "class pet" to take home on the weekends. So I created Pete the Parrot since I have a pirate theme going on in my class this year. Now Erica is having a linky party for classroom mascots so link up and join in on the animal fun!

Here is Pete the Parrot he is just a small beanie baby.

I have a cover sheet and introduction paper I'm putting in a "travel log" (composition book) for my students to take home with Pete. He will have a special bag (which I've yet to create due to other pressing classroom matters) and the students will rotate and take him home every weekend.

Click here for cover sheet.

Click here for the contents and introduction page.


Now I need to get in my class before I continue to blog stalk and then print and laminate everything in sight!


  1. Oh, I can see how the kids are going to love this. I see lots of weekends of kids pretending to be ought to send an eyepatch and bandana home with him! :-)

  2. Erica-thanks for the inspiration!

    Kim-thanks for the idea! I just added a bandana and eyepatch to the bag! What fun! :)