Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tuesday

This is kind of a short post...I've been to the dentist this evening for some extreme pain in my tooth and jaw so I'm still a little under the weather. Speaking of weather...an earthquake today and a hurricane this weekend! I hope all my blogger friends are okay! Okay I digress back to actual teacher talk! I still feel like I'm a "new" teacher this only being my fourth year teaching and having switched schools. But this is some advice for first year teachers!

Be more prepared than you need to be! Have way to many activities planned so you never have any down time!

Behavior management makes your whole year! Make sure you practice routines and set the tone at the beginning of the year. It's okay to be strict in the beginning and then give a little if they are behaving. Remember your students who go above and beyond and reward them.

Be friendly at school with everyone but do not gossip. You don't want to "dip" in buckets or be like a high school mean girl. Keep it professional!

Be silly and have fun sometimes they're kids!

Your students will love you! So put a smile on your face and do the best you can!

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