Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet the Teacher and More

I have been super busy this past week getting ready for my little ones! At my school we get our class list on Monday and then we have to call all the parents to invite them to Meet the Teacher. This year Meet the Teacher was on Thursday at two different times. The first session was from 10:00-11:30 and the second session was from 4:30-6:00. It actually was nice to have staggered time sessions this year so I could spend a little more time with each parent and student.

All 17 of my students showed up with their families. It was wonderful to meet all of them! It seems like I have a very shy class this year but their parents reassure me they are only shy and quiet for the first few weeks. (sigh) I think it will be a challenging year this year! There are so many labels on my students it is kind of ridiculous! I have 5 ELL learners which is no problem...I'm use to having a whole class full of ELL's. I have another 5 students that have either 504 plans or IEP's. Some are "labeled" speech, auditory/vision, and ADHD. I have accommodations for the majority of the class. I am a little concerned I won't be meeting everyone's needs...but I know this is just an awesome opportunity given to challenge me in my teaching and make me better.

I'm totally sad I forgot to take a picture of my student's welcome bags :( they were so cute!! The bags had Welcome Aboard on the front and a welcome poem on the back with pirate graphics. I had small goodies inside-cool first grade pencil, eraser, and small candy. Our team also had a super mom make hot air balloon cookies in our school colors blue and yellow. She wrapped each one individually and put "Soarin' into a great year!" Our school theme this year is Make Your Mark- Go Above and Beyond!

My first day of school with my kiddos is tomorrow! I'm so excited and nervous...I really feel like the First Day Jitters teacher. I just have to remember to keep a smile, be on time to lunch, get everyone home safely, and have fun! I need to also remember to take pictures of all my cute little ones for my room decorations and hallway display!

Tomorrow I am going to start blog hoppin'! Check it out:
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  1. You'll do great tomorrow. I still get that nervous feeling every year...and this is my 9th year! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Good luck on your first day back! I love how your school does "Meet the Teacher Night" great to have two sessions and so neat that you call each of your families to invite them-what a great first impression!
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